The Essentials Group Program

Finally, a simple, easy to implement, and affordable program that uniquely combines MARKETING and SALES techniques to grow your business

Imagine the growth you would realize in your business if you were able to implement step-by-step systems for BOTH your marketing and sales efforts.

Most programs focus on one or the other, but in reality you need systems and processes for both MARKETING and SALES because, together, they are critical to your business growth.

The Essentials group Program from Business Marketing Success is a five-month business development program for serious business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who want to improve the results they receive from their marketing efforts; want an affordable option; are committed to take action and want to be held accountable to grow their business.

Participants Will Receive:

  • 10-2.0 hour live coaching and training sessions
  • Personal help building your sales and marketing systems
  • Essentials Workbook with Action Assignments
  • 30-minute 1-on-1 telephone Strategy Session at the conclusion of the program to provide direction for further growth
  • Unlimited e-mail support during the program

Topics Covered in The Program

The group Essentials Program includes the following sessions:

  1. Define Your Purpose and Vision – outline the goals, strategies and results to be achieved
  2. Define Your Ideal Client/Customer – develop a laser beam approach to acquire better clients
  3. Determine Your Positioning – communicate your unique difference in a compelling way
  4. Leverage Your Present Customers – install systems to increase your value with present customers
  5. Create Your Act Smart Business Development Systems – create the tools and systems to attract better prospects
  6. Improve Your Web Presence – turn your website into a selling tool
  7. Lead Generation - generate better leads with referrals, strategic partners and direct response advertising
  8. Lead Conversion – Use Strategy Sessions to turn ideal prospects into paying customers
  9. Local Search Engine Marketing/Claim Your Social Media Real Estate – dominate the local search game
  10. Optimize Your Business - Automate and stay consistent to boost your success

Benefits to Participation in the group Essentials Program

Investment to Participate in the group Essentials Program

Take the Next Step by Scheduling a 15 minute Strategy Session by Phone

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