Standing Out in a Cluttered World

I want to share an amazing and a somewhat disturbing statistic with you today.  At first, I didn’t believe what I had read so I dug a bit deeper and confirmed it was true.

According to estimates, the average person is exposed to approximately 5,000 marketing messages every day; from radio ads, to television ads, billboard ads, signs, e-mails to tweets, to Facebook ads, and everything in between.

The number of messages received daily is up tenfold from approximately 500 messages a day in the late 1970’s.

That’s 35,000 messages a week or almost 2 million messages in the course of a year.

Now, how’s that for big-time marketing clutter?

But here’s where it really gets a bit depressing if you’re a business owner that understands the importance of “being heard”.   Most consumers tune out many of these 5,000 daily messages in order to reduce the “marketing noise”, protect themselves psychologically and to avoid a nervous breakdown.

People have a tendency to only “tune in” to those messages that resonate with them in some way, interrupt their thinking, have meaning for them or are different and beneficial to something they may be in the market to purchase.

Because of this, now more than ever, it is critical for you as a business owner or sales person to have a message that differentiates you from your competitors; gets people to understand how you can help them solve their problems and have them view you or your company as the logical choice when they are looking for the product or service you sell.

But here’s the problem most business owners face when trying to communicate their message to their world; there is a big disconnect between their Inside Realty and the Outside Perception.

Let me explain.

Your Inside Realty is all the great things you do as a company …. It could be your outstanding service, your sales process, the quality of your product or service, your follow- through, the way your respond to customer problems.  In short, it is the sum of all the great things you do as a company.

The Outside Perception on the other hand, is the way your target market sees your business.  This is determined mainly by your marketing communications.  If you don’t do a very good job of communicating what makes you better, valuable and unique to your target market then your target market either gets the wrong impression about you or they don’t “hear you” resulting in a huge disconnect between your Inside Realty and Outside Perception.

So, what happens when you aren’t able to effectively communicate your value to your target market?

If you don’t communicate what makes you unique and beneficial to your target audience then you risk ending up in a sea of sameness.  You become the same as everyone else that does what you do, saying the same stuff that means absolutely nothing to anybody and your messages get lost in a cluttered world.

When this happens, your target market views and compares you with a giant calculator in their hand ….. strictly on price.

Think about this for a minute ….. If you’re not clear on the value you bring to the market, then how can your prospects or customers be clear?

Most poor results with marketing communications can be traced to the lack of a compelling message that clearly demonstrates the value and benefits you bring to customers and prospects.  If you get the message right and you are speaking to the right audience at the right time, most marketing tactics will be effective to some degree.

Think differently,


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