Develop a Sales System to Get Better Clients

A very common problem that coaches, consultants and independent professionals have is how to connect with and convert more of their ideal prospects into paying clients. When I work with a business owner, this is usually one of the most under- leveraged areas in their business and one of the first things I examine.  The reason why  coaches, consultants and independent professionals are not able to attract and get better clients is a direct result of not having an organized, step-by-step, leave nothing to chance, process to engage with prospects.

Because of this challenge, I have developed a process called the Get Better Clients Sales System which provides a step-by-step process to engage with more of the clients that value what you are selling and those that are already convinced they need what your selling.  The ultimate objective of this system is only to convince the prospect that you are the logical choice to help them solve their problems or challenges.  This is completely different than most sales methods that espouse engaging with as many suspects as possible, trying to convince them that they need your product or service and then hope that some of them will turn to prospects and then eventually customers.  This shotgun sales approach isn’t effective and quite frankly wastes a ton of time chasing down people who will never want what you sell.

I learned in the school of practical experience that it is so much easier to have a productive conversation about your product or service with someone who already ‘gets it’, or someone who is already having this conversation with themselves.

Consider the following question to illustrate this point a bit better.  Who do you think a personal trainer would have greater success trying to ‘sell’ their services to; someone that has never been to a gym or someone that regularly goes to the gym and understands the value of exercise?  The answer is pretty obvious.  The person who already goes to the gym is a better prospect and will be a better client because you don’t have to convince them that fitness is important.  The only remaining challenge for the personal trainer in the situation described is to convince the prospect that THEY are the personal trainer who can help them meet their fitness goals.

Most coaches and consultants don’t get paid on the time they spend talking to people.  They get paid based upon enrolling clients into their programs or by providing them with the products that can help their clients achieve the result they are looking for.  It is critical to leverage your time, spending it only on people that “get it” to some degree.

So how do you engage with and get better clients …. those that get it?

With an organized process or system for doing so … in this case the Get Better Clients Sales System.

There are three parts to Get Better Clients Sales System:

  1. Assessment or Evaluation
  2. Strategy Session
  3. Proposal

Each part of this system is critical to the overall success of the process.  Imagine what your practice would be like if you were able to convert more of what I call the ‘right’ prospects into paying clients.  Let’s examine each component of the system in more detail.

Assessment or Evaluation

Enrolling new clients is a two-way street; it needs to be a good fit for both of you.  Make it a policy to have your prospect complete a written assessment or evaluation tool of some type prior to spending a ton of time with them is the perfect way to determine:

  • How committed the prospect is to improving their situation
  • The challenges and problems the prospect is trying to resolve
  • If the prospect would be an ideal client for your practice
  • If they have the necessary resources to work with you

Strategy Session

The strategy session is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ so to speak.  This session can be done in person or over the phone.  There are five objectives for your strategy session:

  1. Creating credibility, trust and rapport
  2. Understanding the prospect on a deeper level
  3. Communicating your solution
  4. Answering questions
  5. Guiding the prospect to hiring you


Quite frankly this is the easy part.  If the prospect has filled out an evaluation or assessment; you have then conducted a strategy session to demonstrate that you are the logical choice to help them solve their problem or improve their life or business, then the proposal is only the formal document that outlines responsibilities, deliverables and payment terms.

Follow the Get Better Clients Sales System to convert more prospects into not just clients, but better clients.

Think differently and achieve amazing results.


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