Stop Playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey When It Comes To Marketing

When beginning a new consulting engagement with a client, one of the first areas I explore during the Discovery Meeting, is their current processes.  My goal is to improve upon some of the things they may be doing, but may not be leveraging as effectively as possible.  Here’s a quote from a new client in response to this question that I posed at our first meeting;

Me:  “Can you you describe you marketing process step-by-step for me?”

Business Owner: “The best way to describe my marketing process is that I play pin the tail on the donkey when it comes to marketing.  I blindly keep trying tactics, never sure whether what I am doing is the best use of my money or even if it is effective.”

Initially, I laughed at this response, but when thinking about this later that evening, I realized this is a very good analogy for what most business owners do when it comes to their marketing efforts. They just blindly spend money, represented by the tail pin and just stick the tail pin all over the place without a whole lot of forethought about what they are trying to accomplish or whether it even makes sense for their business given their budget and marketing strategy.

And do you know what the problem is with this type of approach?  Every once in a while the business owner actually does a blind tactic, or places the tail pin where it’s supposed to go and they have some degree of success.  Obviously, It’s great to have success, but when the approach is wrong, usually the business owner has spent a ton of money on tail pins that are that aren’t remotely close to where the tail pin is supposed to be.

One of the best ways to market then, is to stop wasting money on marketing tactics (pins) that don’t work, concentrate on a couple of things that do work then consistently keep doing the successful things.  It’s not how many tail pins you stick, but where you stick the tail pin that determine the effectiveness of your marketing. Many times, I suggest business owners stop wasting money on things that are not yielding results.  And the only way to determine if your tail pins are bringing results is to test and measure everything you do.

My experience demonstrates that many business owners do use marketing tools or tactics that could be effective if only they only stopped using so many pins and focussed their attention on just a few tactics or pins.  But, first, you need to take your blindfold off, test and measure your tactics to determine what is actually working and what isn’t working.  Then do more of what is working, and STOP doing the stuff that isn’t yielding results.

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