Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

I coach, consult and train coaches, consultants, trainers and professional service providers on how to improve and grow their businesses by implementing systems into their businesses.  I have found there are some common characteristics common to the most successful people in this group and all have very little to do with talent.

Well, let me explain.  I’m going to assume that if you are a coach, consultant or trainer you have some pretty in depth expertise in your particular field or you wouldn’t be in business in the first place.

But, I believe there three extraordinary factors that separate the great ones from the pack of so-so ones.  These factors are coach-ability, determination and accountability.

Coach-ability refers to the ability to be coached, but not always in the ordinary sense of the phrase.  The truly great coaches, consultants and professional service providers understand that there are always new things to learn, are open to learning, and have dedicated a portion of their time to constant improvement.  It becomes part of their being.  It may mean that they also understand that they need the help of a professional to get them to the next level.  All successful people that I have worked with are coach-able, no exceptions.

Determination is an attitude; a decision to be successful at any cost. My term for this is ‘fire in the belly‘.  Fire in the belly refers to a person that has the drive and passion to do whatever it takes to succeed at something no matter what.  All successful people that I have worked with are determined, no exceptions.

Accountable refers to taking ownership of your actions not only to others but just as important to oneself. It is doing what you said you were going to do not only for your clients but also the commitments you make with yourself.  Accountable people take ownership of their lives, make no excuses, and understand that the results they achieve in live have to do with the manner in which they conduct their lives.  All very successful people that I work with and have worked with are all accountable, no exceptions.

In most cases when clients are engaging with a consultant, coach, trainer or professional service provider the brand they buy is you. You need to be coach-able, determined and accountable to be the very best.

I’m sure there are other factors that separate the very best from the rest.  Please share your thoughts with me.

As always, thank you for reading.

To your success,


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