Does Social Media Really Make You More Social?

Has Social Media helped you better communicate your value to your target market, or increased your awareness, credibility and trust to the people you would like to engage with or at the very least allowed you to become ‘more social’?  Or has the result been, as I suspect may be true, provided you with a way not to fully engage with people on a deeper level?

First, let me point out that I am an advocate for using Social Media as a method or tool for business owners to expand their reach and to communicate with their target markets on a more regular basis.  I use most of the common social media outlets, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, on a regular basis.  I do think the social media has an important place in an overall well-rounded marketing strategy.

That said, I don’t think  social media can be used as a replacement for the basic fundamentals of marketing that have proven themselves over the years as legitimate means for a business owner to communicate their value and build their businesses. Unfortunately, some business owners are using this strategy as their primary means to promote their businesses, and I think this is because social media has been touted by the ‘social media gurus’ as the latest and greatest bright, new shiny object.  What I don’t hear touted as often, is that social media is just one tool in a plan (your marketing strategy) that requires many tools.  But think about it, what do you expect a Social Media guru to tell you? (sorry people)

If you believe as I do that the primary purpose of marketing for most small business owners, coaches, consultants and professional service providers is to build awareness, credibility and trust, then, as a small business owner you still need to do the fundamental strategies and tactics to accomplish this purpose.

What are the fundamentals?

The fundamentals are what they have always been . . . getting out from behind your desk and actually ‘seeing the people’ that can most impact your business and life in a positive way.  Attending networking events, engaging in charitable work, speaking on a topic of your expertise are all excellent methods for engaging with people on a more personal level. This is how you build the awareness, credibility and trust that is vital to grow your business.  This hasn’t changed and don’t let marketing people convince you that the whole marketing environment has changed and you, Mr. (or Ms.) business owner better get on board or your business will be lost.  For most of us, including myself, our businesses were and still are built one customer at a time.  And if we do what we are supposed to do, then that customer/client refers us to another customer and so on.

Here’s my success tip of the day . . . . get out from behind your desk, get off the computer and go engage with your clients, and prospects face-to-face.  I bet you great things will happen.

To your marketing success,


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