The Power of Speaking To Elevate Your Business

One of the fastest ways for professional service providers,coaches and consultants to build their businesses is by delivering presentations to their target audience on a topic of their specific expertise.

In my capacity as Managing Partner in the Duct Tape Coaching LLC, I train new marketing consultants in how to operate a successful consulting practice.

One of the key strategies outlined for the new consultant during their training, is the importance of speaking in front of small business owners about marketing.  Most successful consultants include this tactic when marketing their consulting services.

Think about it . . . what better way is there for a consultant, coach or professional service provider to build awareness, creditability and trust than to speak in person to their target audience about their specific expertise.  The benefits are usually immediate and have a long-term rippling effect.

So, what are the major benefits of getting in front of your target audience and delivering a presentation on your area of expertise?

  1. You become positioned as the “expert” in your particular area of expertise. Just by standing in front of an audience and providing information on a particular area, you are considered an expert.  
  2. You receive instant exposure to your target market. Even if you had 10-15 people attend your presentation, think about how long it would take you on a one-to-one basis to deliver the same message.  There is incredible leverage by speaking in front of groups.  
  3. You position yourself in front of the very people who need your help. The people who attend your presentations, usually need your help or at the very least want to learn more about your expertise.
  4. You obtain ‘borrowed credibility’. If you’re endorsed by a Chamber, association or a networking group to speak in front of their audience, there is a built-in credibility factor just because that group endorsed you.
  5. You receive additional opportunities to speak in front of more groups. Without exception, every time I have delivered a presentation, I get additional inquires from those who have attended about doing another presentation for a different group.
  6. You can provide attendees with a “call to action” or how a method to take the next step. Your presentations should be education-based and not selling opportunities, but you should always have a way for the attendees to take a a very low-risk next step in the engagement process.  (I will address how to best present your seminars and workshops in a future post.)
  7. You build your data base of ‘warm’ prospects. With attendees permission, you can continue to educate them about the value you bring to the marketplace.

In future posts, I will address some of the key areas you should know and be aware of relative to your presentations such as:

  • How to deliver non-selling presentations that lands you new clients
  • How to get started in delivering presentations
  • How to host your own speaking workshops and presentations
  • How to provide free workshops that will pay you big money
  • How to attract more people to your presentations
  • How to enlist strategic alliances to help you fill the room for your presentation

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