Does The Outside World See Your Business Clearly?

How is your business perceived in the marketplace?  Do you even know?  You need to care!

If you’re having trouble getting your prospects and customers to understand what makes you valuable, unique and the best choice among your competitors, then you may be having trouble getting your Inside Realty to match your Outside Perception.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, there are two parts to your business .  . . the Inside Realty and the Outside Perception.  The Inside Realty is all the the important things you do to bring value to the marketplace.  Your Inside Realty is based on your products or services, your quality, your people, your systems, etc.  A great Inside Reality can be developed by anticipating customer wants and needs and developing your business to meet them.

Your Outside Perception, on the other hand, is the way your business is viewed by your prospects and customers.  Your Outside Perception is formed by your marketing communications which includes your ads, website, articles, blog posts, etc.

Here’s the problem; in most businesses, the Inside Realty doesn’t match the Outside Perception . . . . there’s a gap and this is a significant problem for the business owner.  Why?  Because, unless your marketing communications are clearly educating your prospects and customers about what makes you different, special, unique and the company that can solve your customer’s challenges, then you and your business will get lumped in the sea of sameness or the company that is just like all other companies that do what you do.  And this is a bad position to be in.

Why does this happen?  It is the result of not effectively communicating who you are or your company does and then powerfully making the case as to what makes you valuable, unique and able to solve the problems your ideal target market experiences better than anyone else in your industry.  So let me explain this a bit further.

So, how can you make sure your Inside Realty matches your Outside Perception?  By developing great content that educates (not sells) your customers about the important things they need to know about your particular industry and including this content in all your marketing communications.  The next step is to demonstrate through the results you have achieved for your clients how your company does the the very things that are most important when choosing a provider of your type of business.  This is called education-based marketing. I will explore education-based marketing in my next post, but the key with this approach is to replace sales-driven messages with messages that capture your target market earlier in the sales process and position the business owner as the expert for their particular industry.

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