Does Your Customer Service Process Have Too Many Leaks?

It’s not only about providing great customer service, now, in order to differentiate yourself from other businesses that do what you do, business owners need to make sure their customers have a great “experience” all the way through the process.

One of the absolute best ways to grow your business is to have more people referring your business to others.  And the best way to do this is by providing best of class customer service from the moment your customer engages with you until the final service or product is delivered and beyond.

My experience shows that most business owners do a pretty good job of doing the act of their expertise; whether it is a dentist providing dental work, a construction company providing construction services, or an attorney providing legal services.  But, unfortunately, the area where most business owners completely miss the mark is delivering a great customer experience. And because there is a huge hole in this is area, savvy business owners can leapfrog over their competition with a bit of thought and of course work.

So, how can you create outstanding customer service?  If, I asked “do you deliver great customer service”, few would say no. But, what I am talking about here is different.  I’m talking about taking it to the next level; being the best in your industry and delivering a great customer experience. And, there are simple ways to do this.  First, you need to write (or type) out what this looks like for your business.  Here’s a recent example of the customer service journey I experienced when visiting a new eye doctor provider for the first time:

  1. Greeted at the front desk – receptionist who said “next”; no smile; no engagement  (negative)
  2. Check in at the reception desk (neutral)
  3. Reception area ambiance – cluttered, dirty (negative)
  4. Wait time – too long (negative)
  5. Initial Consultation with assistant – (outstanding)
  6. Wait time after initial consult – too long (negative)
  7. Consultation with Doctor – (outstanding)
  8. Explanation by the doctor on procedures performed – (outstanding)
  9. Exiting Office – (outstanding)
  10. Follow-up – non existent (negative)

Using the example above, I have identified 10 significant touch points from the moment I arrived at the doctor’s office until I left.  When you go through this “touch point” process for your business, there may be more or less.  Based upon my experience on the day of my visit, I have graded each touch point with an outstanding, neutral or negative.  A grade of OUTSTANDING was provided when I was very happy with this touch point; NEUTRAL was provided for an okay experience and NEGATIVE was given when this particular touch point was not good in my opinion.

A couple of important points worth noting.  Yes, this is very subjective, but isn’t every customer service experience based upon what the customer goes through?  Also, in this example all the touch points with the doctor or his assistant were graded as outstanding, but my overall impression of the customer service experience was negative.  And that is precisely the point . . .  it is not good enough for a business owner to be good at what you do or only delivering the “act”.  The whole process of delivering an outstanding customer service experience needs to be taken into account and if required, changed to deliver an outstanding customer experience the whole way through.

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