Our Sincere Condolences to Mahogany Conference Tables Everywhere . . .

I was recently introduced to a very cool online meeting tool called join.me.  When I went to the website, I thought I was at the wrong site because I was greeted by the heading; Our Sincere Condolences to Mahogany Conference Tables Everywhere. I actually left the site and tried the URL, join.me to “get it right” this time.

I did get it right and what I found was a very cool tool for you to use and the best part is that it’s FREE.

What is join.me?  It is a tool that will enable you to schedule online meetings at a moments notice without the hassle of organizing meeting space the traditional way.  You can get up to 250 people together for free (there is a paid version for those requiring more attendees) to collaborate, meet, train, demo or show-off.  The best part is its simplicity.  Just visit www.join.me and just click share to download and run the app and get everybody on the same page, instantly.

I used the tool about a week ago for the first time and found it be a very simple and effective way to share my screen and run a meeting.  I have used and continue to use other tools like this but find many of them to be a bit “buggy”.  At this early stage I recommend you go out and try this tool.

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