These Success Factors Are Universal

At the crack of dawn on Monday morning I will board a flight to Guatemala to lead a week- long training program teaching 25 Guatemalan business owners how to install the Duct Tape Marketing system into their businesses.  As an opening to the training, I wanted to deliver an inspirational message to the business owners outlining what I believed were the critical success factors necessary to be not only a success in business, but in life as well.  For a minute, it occurred to me that maybe what makes a business owner successful in the United States isn’t quite the same in Guatemala.  But, after a bit of thought, I believe these  success factors are universal in nature and cross country lines, much the same way that saying please and thank you always work no matter what the culture is.  (obviously, please and thank you would need to be expressed in the proper language)

After working with over 200 business owners over the past seven years, here’s what I believe are the top 10 success factors that I see over and over again in the most successful companies and people.  The great thing about this list is they are not exclusive to any one group, profession or gender and you’re not born with these traits.  All of them only require a firm commitment and hard work to make them habits in your life.

10 Universal Success Factors For All Business Owners

  1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life
  2. Develop a Definite Purpose
  3. Determine What You Want
  4. Develop Your Strategy
  5. Set Daily Goal
  6. Seek Constant Improvement
  7. Take Action
  8. Be Willing to Pay the Price With Determination and Persistence
  9. Embrace Change
  10. Stay Focused

In upcoming posts, I plan to look at each of these success factors in more detail and show you some tricks to make them part of your daily habits.

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