Give Yourself A Business Checkup To Start The New Year

This is the perfect time of the year to “take the pulse of your business” in order to determine where you need to put more focus to improve your business in 2011.

One of the tools I use with my clients when I first start working with them is called a Business Breakthrough Checkup. This tool helps me determine specific areas where I should focus my initial efforts in helping them build and grow their businesses.

Below you will see the exact tool I use with my clients.  You can use my Business Breakthrough Checkup to see where your business stands right now and where improvement is needed.  I have identified what I believe are the 10 most critical areas you need to be pay attention to in order to grow your business.

After completing the checkup, if you find areas that you scored as a 7 or higher, you should concentrate on improving these parts of your business in 2011.

I hope this helps you develop a laser-beam focus to improving your business in 2011.

To your business success,


Business Breakthrough Checkup™

I would be more effective at marketing my services or products in my business if I only I was better at:  (Rate each on a scale of 1 (low need) to 10 (critical need)

Business Vision

Having a clear picture of what I want to achieve in my business __________

Recognizing what my business will look like in 5 years _______

Target Market

Recognizing who my target or Preferred Client is   _________

Understanding what my target audience values from my type of business ______

Developing a Core Marketing Message

Differentiating my company from the competition _________

Marketing Budget

Knowing where to spend my marketing dollars for the best results ________

Lead Generation

Generating more leads _________

Writing ads that get my prospects to take action _______

Lead Conversion

Turning more prospects into customers __________


Generating more referrals _________

Public Relations

Building earned media attention _________

Educational-based Marketing to Build Credibility and Trust

Developing marketing materials that educate my clients and prospects ________

Developing a website that generates business for my company _______

Internet Technology

Learning how to utilize the internet and technology to build my business ______

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